How do I order with CB Eats?
You can order delivery or pickup online from any of our partner restaurants through or our app for iOS and Android.

Order Steps:
1. Choose your restaurant
2. Customize menu items
3. Checkout
What do I do if I am missing items/my order is incorrect?
Oh no, nothing worse, especially when you are HANGRY! Mistakes happen, and we are your first point of contact to help rectify the situation. If your order is not right, the first step is to message us here, or email We will immediately connect with the restaurant to see where the error happened and provide a solution. Please note - Restaurant's policy for order errors differs per location - we work with both the restaurant and customer to ensure any issues get resolved quickly.
How do I know the restaurant has received my order?
Once the restaurant has received your order and confirmed it, a confirmation will be sent to you. Depending on if you ordered from our website or mobile app, a confirmation in at least one of the following ways will be sent: email, text message, or mobile push notification.
My order has been rejected, now what?
From time-to-time a restaurant may be unable to fulfill an order. In this case you will receive an email and/or push notification communicating the order has been rejected. If you entered payment details for the order, your card has been pre-authorized for the amount displayed at checkout. The authorization will be reversed automatically. Typically this happens in short time, but may take a couple business days to show up on your statement.
How do I cancel or change my order?
If you need to cancel or change your order message us here, right away. We will connect with the restaurant to see if the changes can be made. If the restaurant has already began prepping your order, we can not issue a refund. Modifications to your order may also result in additional charges.
A restaurant is opened but I can't order online.
Availability of online ordering may differ from a restaurants regular hours of operation. We recommend contacting a restaurant directly for their regular hours of operation.
I want to leave a tip when I checkout, who gets it?
Delivery drivers get 100% of tips, and they really appreciate it!
What is the process from the time I order to when I get my food?
A number of steps take place both manually and automatically from the time you place your order to when you receive it at your door!

1. Once your order is placed, it is sent electronically to the restaurant
2. The restaurant receives your order details and selects a prep time
3. Based on the prep time, an estimated pick up time is sent to our drivers app
4. A driver accepts the delivery and an automated SMS message is sent to you confirming the order has been received
5. Once the driver arrives at the restaurant and gets the food, an SMS message is sent, letting you know the driver is on the way!
6. The delivery is made and a link is sent to you asking for feedback